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smart cat&dog

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Sonya Mudvex - art director | Alina Sultanova - graphic designer | Vil Akhunzyanov - graphic designer


Every pet owner considers his fluffy friend a genius!... or a wonderful listener who always understands everything that was said to him by the owner (because pets shake their head or squint their eyes).. or a truly special one, not like the other pets, because it distinguishes between commands and words, objects and even colours. And no, it's not "pink glasses" that look at your adorable pet, or the desire to endow your pet with exceptional qualities. Pets really have intelligence and they don’t show it as often as we, people, want.


Let’s talk about brand identity. To develop logotypes for such popular words as "smart" and "cat or dog" you have to create unique graphics to register this brand as a trademark.


Metaphor is a powerful branding device. Our brand based on a metaphor about "smart pets". We gave cats and dogs on packaging their own university titles as "professors, post-graduate students, candidates" in different areas related to intelligence, knowledge and science. Each pet belongs to particular science or field. For example: chess, physics, archaeology, chemistry, astronomy, math. To make the project more interesting and exciting, we came up with our own faculties and gave special names for the pets.

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