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Sonya Mudvex and Mark Kholodaev


Fresh fish, the best ingredients, delicious rice, skillful hands of the chef, sauces for every taste... it’s all about healthy food in your bowl. Your poke bowl. The one who doesn't like diversity, may miss a lot. What is it about? About the choice, of course. This project devoted to people who always look for new experiences in everyday life, especially in their meals. Our aim was to develop a new attractive brand which also may become an indispensable companion for every day nutrition?


For Saint-Petersburg’s food market the concept of "customizable ingredients" with the main idea of using fish and rice was too brave and too eccentric. None of the other cafes or restaurants offered a choice to create poke bowls by yourself. This is due to consumer mentality and taste habits. We took into account all the difficulties of the concept and decided to create a very simple and attractive name. Funny fact, an insight for the naming idea came to me in a taxi when I was getting home after a meeting with my team.


The brand name was found in the name of the dish itself: Poke Bowl = Po Bo. Brilliantly simple and easy to pronounce for Russian people who, in general, don’t speak english. Moreover, these letters have distinctive graphics. In lowercase letters you can notice "round" bowls and "straight" chopsticks.


About brand positioning. Fast casual and smart food are the main designations of the cafe format. Core brand values were identified through analysis of the market and the needs of the target audience. First: people want to eat fresh and tasty food; second: they want to get their food as fast as possible; third: healthy and nutritious meals Po Bo is a smart food bar for those who keep up with the times, for those who care about what happens around them. For those who appreciate their time and always in search of new sensations.


Why do I like using a metaphor as a tool for brand design? It allows you to express completely ordinary thoughts in a non- standard approach through graphics.


The strength of our product lies in its naturalness, quality of ingredients, utility. You can say that you "touch nature" when you hold all the ingredients by chopsticks and then put them in your mouth. In search of a new identity, in the literal sense of the word, we touched "nature" with a sheet of paper. Each ingredient in the menu was painted black and then printed on white paper. We enjoyed the process of creating brand identity for PoBo, we gathered a lot of fun as well as unique images.

We scanned imprints and used Photoshop to clean them up.

Brand identity

Rorschach test

What do you see? What does it mean?

Smart food bar

the interior

To be continued