brand development

Petshop Days

identity - branding

Sonya Mudvex - art director | Mark Kholodaev - senior graphic designer | Alina Sultanova - graphic designer | Ekaterina Ermolinskaya - junior graphic designer

About the festival

Welcome to Russia's premier and biggest pet festival! Since its inception in 2017, this annual event has become a beloved tradition in two major cities: Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Each year, our dedicated design team crafts a fresh brand identity for the festival. I am thrilled to showcase my personal favorite identity, which my team and I developed in 2019. During that memorable year, we welcomed over 120,000 guests in Moscow and over 35,000 in Saint Petersburg, making it an unforgettable experience for pet lovers from near and far."

Dream Project

I take immense pride in being part of the festival's creation from its inception as a team member. Petshop Days stands out as one of the most remarkable places I've ever experienced. The sight of thousands of joyful attendees alongside hundreds of pets creates an indescribable atmosphere that's truly unique.

Brand mission

Empowering Together for a Better Pet World.

The identity was constructed through straightforward illustrations and a modular layout system. We segmented each layout into distinct parts, strategically incorporating visual and semantic focal points. Our well-structured design system proved invaluable, seamlessly implementing across a myriad of diverse forms, thereby eliminating potential complications.