Max Bionic

logotype | charity

Sonya Mudvex - graphic designer


In the life of every person, something can happen that will forever change his attitude to existence. It’s a huge luck if you can help other people make their lives better. Charity is not to do something for free, but to do good and useful deeds.


In early 2015, I was asked to develop a logo "for free" for the project of a man who lived in harsh Siberian region - Norilsk. Maxim lost his hand. The state could not provide a prosthesis with which it would be possible to live and work comfortably. There was no money for an expensive foreign prosthesis. Maxim decided to create his own bionic prosthesis laboratory.


The main condition for creating a prosthesis was the idea of accessibility. To let everyone who is in trouble buy the vital necessity without spending millions of rubles. I was inspired by the idea that Maxim wants to help not only himself but other people too. Such a generous act. I wanted to immediately become part of such a project.