Sonya Mudvex - art-director, graphic designer | Alina Sultanova - graphic designer | Ekaterina Ermolinskaya - junior graphic designer


Buying cosmetics and body care products online is becoming more convenient. It’s a highly competitive market and brands should not only offer the best prices and services but also look friendly. Ibody.ru have worked since 2011 all across Russia. The brand has never had rebranding since it was founded. Our main goal was to create an inspiring and modern identity system.


The logo should be readable on any digital format this is especially true for online stores. We decided to create font and simple logo. In addition, font logos are widely used in the beauty segment. The main focus has been moved to developing the visual brand components and key visuals.


We used a metaphor to create corporate identity. Graphic elements signify three main body parts for cosmetic industry: face, hair, body. We balanced corporate objects with a special colour palette and text layouts.


Graphic identity is very dynamic and allows to form new compositions for different needs. We fixed several options for the layout of graphic elements, which facilitated the work of designers when creating digital and print materials.


For each promo offer we develop a special visual identity.


Colleagues from the web department have developed a new website.