brand development

Sonya Mudvex - ideologist, naming | Mark Kholodaev - graphic designer

In fact, there was no specific task to develop this brand. Everything ingenious is often born spontaneously. For more than three years I have worked with companies in the segment of pet services and supplies. This experience helped me find something special, unique - an idea, which hasn’t been used before.

Human is a social creature. People feel comfortable in groups, especially groups of their own kind. That is why there is such a huge number of communities, interest groups and associations. For example, communities for computer game lovers, vegans, animal advocates, runners, young moms, memes and etc. Pets have become an inherent part of people’s life. They are perceived not just as animals, but as full-fledged family members. The owners no longer call themselves “owners”. The definition of "pet-parent" is becoming more popular and appropriate.

The core

So, what was the idea? Owning an animal is a huge responsibility. It's almost like having a baby. The idea of conscious living and consumption in our world is spreading to absolutely all areas. According to my idea, the Petlovers project should become the first global powerful community for pet fans and owners. For everyone who needs help, advice and also wants to be a part of a big family of people with the same values.


The logo is based on 2 symbols: the awareness ribbon (the world-famous symbol meant to show support or raise awareness for a cause) and pet’s face (nose and cheeks).

Project's state

Unfortunately, the project has not been launched and exists as a concept. I believe, one day, Petlovers will become one of the most powerful community and, with a great pleasure, I would like to be a part of the team.