brand development

Sonya Mudvex - creative director | Mark Kholodaev - graphic designer | Ekaterina Ermolinskaya - junior graphic designer


Once at a meeting with our friend, Mark and I told him about our new project "Pethome" - stylish hotel for pets located in the countryside. His reaction was highly emotional and it looked like an honest soul outcry: “Modern hotel for pets? Are you opening a new hotel for pets with a range of useful services? Well.. Am I finally going to be able to afford a vacation?".

Naming and identity

Pethome is one of the branches belonging to Petshop Group. That’s why the brand name has "Pet" in the base of the word and "Pet Head" in the sign of the logotype. The naming and the logotype should stylistically replicate main elements as "Pet" at the base of naming and the sign which remains a head of a pet because of the need to consider the brand architecture branch.


Let’s go back to the insight about "affordable vacation". For owners, as for their pets, the process of separation, even for a short period of time, is a huge stress. What is stress? Stress is the body's reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. How is stress manifested? Through emotions. Our metaphor for visual brand identification is emotions. Pet’s emotions. They are not diverse as human’s emotions but we can easily notice if a cat or a dog feels loneliness or is exсited.

Emotions are experienced not only by pets but also by their owners of course. And first of all - it is fear. Accommodating your pet in a hotel is a big responsibility and as an owner, you have to be 100% sure about the place’s background. We took into account all the fears and barriers of the target audience to increase their "first-sight" loyalty. First of all, the colours. We picked pastel colour for the main brand palette. The next step was to search for photo content. It is important to communicate with your audience through enjoyable visual content.




To be continued soon

the project is in progress