rebranding | packaging design

Sonya Mudvex | art director & brand designer

About rebranding

Pamilee's team and I have been working together since 2021. Together, we went through the rebranding of the packaging for the initial brand, ProAnimal. Later, the team decided to undergo a complete rebranding, giving rise to Pamilee. I developed a new logo and created an updated brand identity for the entire brand, now under its new name.

Professional Care

The professional line for groomers and grooming salons. The brand has three main product lines. For each of them, I've developed a separate visual system to differentiate the products based on their compositions and purposes.

Pet Care

This product line is for home usage.

Pet Health

Active ingredients

Pet Home

Supplies for home care

Packaging Design

Before / After

After successfully registering the trademark, I replaced the logo and revamped the packaging design. From ProAnimal to Pamilee.