brand development


naming | logotype | concept

Sonya Mudvex - art-director, naming | Mark Kholodaev - graphic designer


Manufacturing cow milk alternatives attracts more and more attention from businesses in Russia. My main goal was to offer a unique selling proposition for the client. Russia is very large and a lot of useful and healthy ingredients are growing here. This was the main clue in defining a unique selling proposition. The unique feature was determined as "local production from local ingredients". We decided to use only ingredients that grow on the territory of Russia. For example: almonds, hazelnuts, cranberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn, hemp seeds, ect.

The main core

We defined 4 main groups of product lines. Pure - the purest compound, ideal for allergy sufferers and people with autoimmune diseases. Cooking - more creamy texture to cook diverse dishes. Flavoured - with different local flavours of berries and spices. To go - small size bottles, diverse flavoured beverages.


The naming is an abbreviation of the phrase: Local Organic Family.

We LOF you.

Just LOF us :)

Project's state

The project has not been launched and exists as a concept.