naming | brand development

Sonya Mudvex - creative director | Daria Shevyrenkova - graphic designer | Vil Akhunsyanov - graphic designer


"Bonsy" is a brand which is meant to be a new kind of a "pet hygiene" brand. Anti-parasite collars for summer period, soothing herbal drops, paw soap after walking, shampoos with soft foam and etc. All these types of products will be released.. but first, we started creating a brand with a design conception for anti-parasite collars for cat and dogs.


A pleasant introduction to the brand begins with the name. Let's start! "Bon" - from french means "well | good". Suffix "sy" is used as a diminutive structure. Literally, the main idea of the brand is translated to "pretty" or "cute".

Icons and colours

We picked colours using fruits designation to create future advertising campaigns.


We used different floral patterns for the background to support the idea using these collar in summer time.

To be continued soon

the project is in progress